We at KievCassiopeia work day and night to bring you new attractions in Kiev and Odessa.

From Omega Park and shooting ranges to hunting trips and helicopter rides we know how and where to do it.

Let us show you around and make your trip, unforgettable.


Crystal Spa

Chernobyl trips

Culinary tour guide

This tour is for people who want to see Kiev from a different angle, who want to visit authentic and less touristy places, who are willing to use all their senses to get to know this amazing city.

Famous sites, backyards, quiet streets, stories and legends, street art and of course tastings.

Small and intimate group – up to 10 people.

During the tour we will have 5 tasting, a Metro ride and in the end you will get a bonus – a personal file of recommendations for continuing your acquaintance with Ukrainian cuisine.

Participation is subject to pre-registration The tour started with a minimum of 4 participants.

A day at Mezhyhirya Residence

The estate was founded as a monastery that functioned off-and-on until closed in 1923 by the Bolsheviks following the establishment of the Soviet Union. From 1935 Mezhyhirya was a state government residence, first under the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and then under an independent Ukraine, until 2007 when it was privatized. In 2012 the State Administration of Affairs rented a space from Tantalit for 99,691 hryvnia per year, arranging it for official receptions. In 2014, it returned to state ownership.

The estate is over 140 ha (350 acres) and is situated on the banks of the Dnieper river (Kiev Reservoir) in the village of Novi Petrivtsi, Vyshhorod Raion. There is a yacht pier, an equestrian club, a shooting range, a tennis court and other recreational facilities as well as hunting grounds. The estate also has an automobile museum displaying some of Yanukovich’s former exotic cars, a golf course, an ostrich farm, a dog kennel, numerous fountains and man-made lakes, a helicopter pad, and a small church. The entire 140-hectares complex is enclosed by a five-meter tall fence along the 54 km (34 mi) perimeter.

Shooting Range

A huge firing range that includes 15 ranges for all types of weapons, the possibility of shooting a variety of weapons from a pistol to a rifle and even a sniper rifle and a  paintball playground for groups. 

There are qualified instructors in the compound, who will take you to unforgettable shooting experiences

Possibility to ride horses in the wild amazing nature.

Restaurant with authentic Ukrainian food and sauna for dessert.

Hunting Trip

We offer an unforgettable hunting trip in the amazing nature of Ukraine, personal escort for each group, 4 * 4 vehicles, hunting cabin, all accompanying equipment, a whole day of unique experience.

The special tour departs in the early morning and the expected return is in the evening.

The trip includes lunch and dinner in the wild.

An option for an authentic sauna

Road trip to Uman

Helicopter Rides

Kiev Circus

Romania VIP

Bachelor parties in Bucharest Romania – One of the hottest destinations

Limousines, bottle service in the hottest clubs and everything els you might need for an amazing weekend


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